Thinking About The Environment

In this day and age, people are becoming more and more vigilant of their carbon footprint. Understanding your products emissions can be difficult, that is why many people turn to eco labels to get a better understand of whether the products are eco-friendly. Understanding what is authentic and what ‘greenwashing’ is is essential, and below we will give you some tips to determine what is authentic and what is dodgy marketing.

For a company to attain an eco-label, it is not as simple as filling out a form, but rather the company is entering into an agreement to be inspected by an international and national body for their eco-friendly-ness. So, who governs them? There are international bodies such as the International Organization for Standardization who set the standards and national bodies such as CHOICE in Australia who audit products that make these claims. A business can either meet these standards independently or have a third party company review their business and make sure they are implementing processes that prove the company is taking steps to becoming more environmentally sustainable.

Some companies attempt to sneak their way around these regulations and deceive customers with their own eco labels, this process is called greenwashing. Many companies have seen the power of eco labelling and began deceiving customer into believing they were eco-friendly. is a database of almost all the recognised bodies that provide eco-labels, so if you’re ever in doubt about a labels authenticity then this list is for you.

Legitimate eco label organisations
Legitimate eco label organisations

When you look for an outdoor heater that is eco-friendly the benefits that product will provide include, producing less emissions; units that are directly connected to fixed plumbing whether gas or electric will always run on less fuel compared to mobile patio heaters. The unit is produced with processes that are aimed at ensuring environmental sustainability, whether that means there are recycled products or a proven extended life span of a product.

Understanding the complicated world or eco labelling is a must when trying to make the best decision for the well-being of our planet. Being able to decipher whether it is authentic or dodgy has been made easy with the information at our disposal, so make sure you utilise it when making your next purchase.


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