The Key to a Great Rooftop Bar

The Glenmore

What is the most important part of a commercial rooftop dining space? Is it the view; or the décor? These may be significant factors, but without a reliable heating solution, neither of these things can be enjoyed during the up to half a year of colder temps most places endure.

As cities the world over experience burgeoning roof top bar scenes, most venue owners and operators are beginning to realise the value that an outdoor space can bring to their establishments. Whilst many outside areas are receiving extensive renovations to make them more appealing, some venues are creating their rooftop bars where there wasn’t even one before!

The popularity of these new spaces proves people appreciate the idea of escaping the hustle and bustle of city life and breathing in the fresh outside air whilst relaxing with a cold beverage. But not all rooftop bars can be basking in sunlight all year round. So to get as much use out of these spaces as possible, heaters are increasingly being considered during the earliest planning stages.

Basalt, NZ

As the bar designs move from inside to out, a range of new outdoor heating options have likewise been developed to meet the trend.  The more upmarket spaces are standing out because of their heating solutions that feature efficient functionality, designer friendly looks and environmental friendliness.

Patrons and owners alike expect modern heaters to have advanced controls and be able to turn on with the flick of a switch. They are also expected to leave behind a small environmental footprint and to this end most leading heater brands offer models that range in energy usage in both gas and electric designs. Perhaps above all, these new heaters, with their sleek lines and chic profiles, are expected to not draw attention to themselves and to melt into the background.

This is the ultimate measure of success for these heaters. When a heater isn’t noticed at all, when people are comfortably enjoying themselves regardless of the weather, a venue is doing its job and the heating is just one part of the whole experience.

Southgate, Melbourne


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