Creating The Perfect Alfresco Space

Up to now we have provided our readers with information on how an outdoor heater can transform your outdoor space, but the outdoor heater makes up only a part of creating the perfect alfresco area. Below we will cover the main features that create the perfect alfresco space, these include; BBQ’s, plants and outdoor furniture, which must all work together to create an amazing space that will take people breaths away.

Now you could take the easy way out and hire a designer to create a plan for you outdoor space, but where is the fun in that. So, what I would recommend is you go out see some outdoor areas and let them inspire you, if your short on time that magazines or the online space is your best bet, I’d recommend, as they have the most modern of designs on display.

The BBQ grill is essential to the outdoor space because it serves the most functionality in the outdoor area and there is nothing that brings the whole family together like a good old family BBQ. When looking for something that looks good while also serving an indispensable function, you have a choice between electric, gas and coal BBQ grill, which each give a different feel to your outdoor area. When deciding on a grill you can’t go past the top dogs Napoleon, Viking and Big Green Olive.

Napolean - Gas Grill

Napolean – Gas Grill

Black Olive - Electric Grill

Black Olive – Electric Grill

Plants are the main accessories of the outdoor space; they more than anything create the feel of your outdoor space. The choice of plants is endless, so what I recommend is you decide on patterns and colors that you want to decorate your alfresco area. Once you have this figured out visit your local botanical gardens (if you have one), if not your local nursery and find something that will create the design you had in mind because seeing a plant online is never the same as seeing it in real life.

Outdoor furniture similar to your indoor furniture should be bought to best suit the size of your area. Also attention should be paid to what material it is made from because it will be exposed to the great outdoors, and you don’t want to but something that was manufactured cheap, and will require to be changed in a year, because the elements have gotten to it. Comfort should also be a factor but I wouldn’t place it at the top of the list, because there will hopefully be minimal sitting done during a function, but instead plenty of mingling.

So, while the outdoor heater is an essential piece of the alfresco area puzzle there are many more that must be considered to complete a piece that you have had input in creating, which gives you that extra bit of satisfaction every time you go into your backyard.


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