Heaters – Fixed or Mobile?

Outdoor heaters in the past have predominantly been mobile. The main reasons they were mobile was because they either took up too much space, did not fit the decor of the outdoor area and were only useful during autumn and winter with the heaters seldom making an appearance during the other six months of the year so, people preferred to put their outdoor heater away when not in use. However, today with advancements in outdoor heaters the decision between mobile or fixed has begun to even out, with the drawbacks that were just mentioned being overcome by innovative heater designs.

Below we will outline the benefits and drawback of having fixed or mobile heaters in the commercial and domestic space.



  • + These units are cheaper to purchase
  • + Can be put out of sight when not in use
  • – They create a danger hazard(link to other article), acting is a heat hazard and projectile hazard
  • – Deter from the design of your alfresco area
  • – Limited to specific locations and run time because of their constant need for energy.

commercial heater - premier rentals


  • + Blends seamlessly into the design of you alfresco area
  • + Inbuilt plumbing and wiring means your outdoor heater will never not have power
  • + No need to worry when kids are playing outside as hazard is non-existent
  • – The initial cost of these units is substantially more than mobile units
  • – They require installation and if you move will require re-installation    



  • + Are not fixed into location so floor plan is flexible
  • + If you change store locations easily transferable
  • – They take up floor space which means less space for patrons
  • – Reduces possibility of accidents happening, with the possibility of a large heated object being injuring your patrons.
  • – Deter from the design of your business


  • + Maximise floor space, with units either being mounted from ceiling of walls
  • + Drastically reduces dangers that you expose your patrons to
  • + Blends seamlessly into the design of you alfresco area
  • – If renting you may installation requirement can be turned down be landlords.

Outdoor Heater - Tungsten


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