The Aesthetics Factor

The level of importance designers and architects place on outdoor heaters has increased substantially of late. No longer is outdoor heating a last minute addition to an area, which often resulted in the whole feel the designer was trying to achieve being lost; rather outdoor heaters are being implemented more and more from the outset of a plan. Many innovations in outdoor heating have led to their significance increasing, but most notably it’s the new aesthetic features that have given outdoor heaters the attention they demand in the outdoor space.

The manufacturers that are leading the pack with aesthetic outdoor heater are: Bromic Heating, Calcana, Thermofilm and Celmec. These manufacturers have designed products that blend seamlessly into the outdoor space; no longer do outdoor heaters stick out like a sore thumb and detract from the feel of the outdoor space.

Bromic Heating

The trend setters in the outdoor heating revolution, Bromic Heating have led the way with their Platinum and Tungsten range of heaters that steal the show with their sleek and sexy design. The Smart-Heat range are show stoppers and demand attention in the outdoor space.


The range offered by Calcana blend seamlessly into any setting, with the ability compliment the most modern alfresco area or a typical industrial feel, Calcana uses sleek designs to demonstrate less is more.

Outdoor Heater


The range combines cost effective solutions with aesthetic designs, that similar to the Calcana range are very simple, fitting seamlessly into the design of any outdoor area, often having people look around and asking where the heat is coming from, because of their ninja design.


Renowned for their heating solutions, which are not limited to commercial but also industrial and construction, Celmec have used their experience to launch Heatray and Celmist which have seen them combine their range of experience.

Outdoor Heater

No longer the neglected sibling of the outdoor area, outdoor heaters have demanded respect in the outdoor space and have done this by combining the functionality we all knew they served with an aesthetic factor, which has put outdoor heating at the forefront of designers, architects and renovators.


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