Comfortable Heating

Everyone has experienced standing by an outdoor heater and being overwhelmed by the heat, requiring you to either ask for the heater to be turned down or off, or you having to move from where you were standing. This method of heating is called radiant heating and its downside is the air around the heater is constantly being heated, which creates that uncomfortable feeling. However, of late there has been a shift towards a new style of heater, which only heats surfaces which are impacted the heaters rays, this technology is called infrared heating.

Radiant heating is a heating methods used by most of the heaters you encounter day to day, whether that be a patio heater or a fire place. These units usually have a high intensity zone, which is usually a diameter of about 5m from where the heater is situated. These zones are usually vacant when the heater is on and it is for good reason – the area just gets too hot. Isn’t that funny a heater that heats too much! But it is often encountered by owners of radiant heaters and in the case of businesses this should not be acceptable because floor maximisation should not be sacrificed as a business.

As with everything in life, a problem is seen and then someone invents or innovate a product so that problem is no more. This has been the case with outdoor heaters, with a shift towards infrared heaters, which as mentioned earlier create warmth on impact instead of creating the uncomfortable zone the radiant heaters create. Infrared heaters have become all the rage with customers and manufacturers, with the heaters not only creating a more comfortable heating but also costing less to run, taking up less space, and being able to be wall mounted without sacrificing the amount of area being heated. Depending on the heater the heating coverage of an infrared is also greater than a radiant heater.

When it comes down to the bottom line, infrared heaters cost more initially than radiant heaters, but depending on use, that difference could be break even in no time. The units also help maximise you floor space, while making the environment they are set up safety as well, as the hazard of a unit falling or starting a fire a removed. So for the most comfortable outdoor heating experience we would recommend an infrared heating solution.


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