Knowing Your Gases: Natural Gas and LPG

When deciding on a gas heater you will often be confronted with the choice of Natural Gas or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) – which is referred to as propane in some countries. Most people are confused by these words so below we will be unravelling these sources of energy.

The major difference between Natural Gas and LPG is how they are delivered to your home. Natural Gas is delivered through a network of underground pipes that enter your home through a meter, which offer you gas as easily as water and electricity. LPG works differently, with tanks being stored on your property; you have the option of using either a exchangeable gas bottle system or a gas bottle refill system to manage your LPG, all of which come in a variety of sizes depending on your needs.

Natural Gas and LPG also differ in the way they are created. Natural Gas is as the name suggests, naturally occurring; the gas is formed by millions of years of decompositions and incredible pressure deep beneath the earth. On the other hand, LPG is a recycled gas made from the by-products from the oil refining process. Both are much more beneficial to the environment that the other energy options.

Natural Gas and LPG are often used throughout the house via gas lines which lead the gases directly to the appliances. Regulations stipulate that all gas storage tanks must be stored outside the property, in Australia at least – click here for a LPG cylinder safety check list. For improved safety both gases chemical compounds are changed from being odourless and colourless to having an unpleasant odour which will help the owner identify if there is a leak.

Hopefully after reading this guide you’ll have clarified any questions you had in regards to LPG and Natural Gas and you will have the confidence to make the best decision when choosing an outdoor heater for your space.


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