Four Questions For More Comfortable Living

Choosing the right outdoor heating solution can ensure that your alfresco space is utilised all year round. Outdoor heating is not a simple decision, with such a large variety of heating options some homework must be done to find a heater that will best suit your circumstances. Here are 4 essential questions everyone should ask themselves before purchasing their outdoor heaters:

          1.    What size is the area you are trying to heat?

The size of your area can help you decide what heater to go for; gas heaters can get the best coverage for larger areas, whereas you would require more electric heaters to get the same coverage. There are always the more traditional fire pits which aren’t renowned for their heating efficiency, but can add a vintage feel to your alfresco area and are more of a design statement.

          2.    Is it going to be a permanent fixture of the area?

Having a unit that will not create an obstacle is essential, as you are trying to optimise your outdoor space you don’t want to get something that will take up too much space and be difficult to put away. Wall mounted units are convenient options for people who don’t have storage space to put away their heater or simply just don’t want the inconvenience.

          3.    What energy sources do you have available?  

This choice comes down to the availability on your property; electric heaters can be connected straight into your power outlet while gas heaters can connect directly to LPG or propane tanks, however most  gas ranges  can be plumbed into permanent natural gas connections which means you don’t have to maintain or swap out gas cylinders/tanks. When considering electric outdoor heaters, make sure you consult an electrician to ensure the heaters can be easily installed using a normal power outlet, especially for some of the more powerful electric heaters out there. Another consideration includes wiring up your electric heater to a light on/off switch for easier operation from inside the home. The same consideration applies to gas outdoor heaters – there are some newer gas heaters available which can be turned on or off from a light switch or smart home system.

           4.    How much are you willing to spend?

You have to ask yourself is this a short or long term purchase. If it’s a long term decision, inbuilt gas units have a higher initial price but a lower running price, or you could go for a less expensive unit which will cost more to maintain. Less-expensive options like mushroom patio heaters also need gas cylinders to be maintained and swapped when empty, and they also take up valuable space in your outdoor area.

Choosing the right heater for your space is a difficult one, answering these questions will have you heading in the right direction when trying to create the most comfortable alfresco area.

Bromic Heating offer an innovative and aesthetic range that could be the missing piece to completing your dream alfresco area.


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